Simple, powerful and professional POS/Invoicing software to help your business. We have designed this alongside shops and workshops to be a quick, robust and feature packed.
Quickly generate an invoice or bill with your barcoded items by scanning each product, then print a receipt or invoice on your printer.
Sales data at you fingertips

The Benefits of Tri-Invoice

Our product offers useful features to help you efficiently manage your sales, stock and workshop. Tri-Invoice has an integrated stock management system to keep track of all the items you sell. Also with the workshop section you can keep track of repairs and easily convert to an invoice.


Our simple intuitive design means our product is easy to use and you can be using within minutes. Although we have packed it full of features we have kept the simple design though out.


Our stock management is full of features. You can add photos, barcodes, suppliers, departments, stock locations, cost price, stock level, reorder levels and much more.


Create invoices with ease, just scan a barcod or search for a product. Then add there payment method with the amount and choose between a receipt or an A4 invoice.

Job Cards

Easley create a job card for your workshop with all your customer information and work required. Keep track of the products you use and easly convert into an invoice.

Orders & Quotes

Create a quote or customer order by searching for products or add by scanning the barcode. If this is a new item, not to worry you can add the item directly without having to create a new item in stock.

Network Link

Tri-Invoice uses a very versatile database which can be stored locally or on a network. You can link all your terminals to one database or run a standalone system.

Why use Tri-Invoice?

While other similar products may offer features that you really consider useful, these are often expensive. Tri-Invoice gives you all the features for one price. With our software we are always improving and adding new features, these updates and all future updates are free. We want you to get the most out of our software and are here to help you do just that.
Tri-Invoice features

Simple & Responsive Design

We have designed the product to be very easy and simple to use. Our design allows it to be used on a wide range of screen sizes, including tablets.

Sales Data

Graphs, PDF's and printouts gives you better insight into your sales. All your historical data is saved for you to report on later.

Light Weight

Even if your device has limited resources, our software uses very little processing power and memory. This makes it ideal for Tablets and desktop PC's.

Feature Rich

Packed full of features. Stock Control, Invoicing, Job Tracking, Ordering, Sales Data and Reporting all in one place.

Multi Terminal

Use our software on its own or connect multiple PC's together.

Free Updates

Updates are the key to better and reliable software, and that’s why you will get free updates with your license.


Free Trial**

  • Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10, 10.1
    Requires .net 4.5.2 or higher
  • Use Everything for 30 Days
  • 1 User
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Get Everything

£75/Per PC*

  • Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10, 10.1
    Requires .net 4.5.2 or higher
  • Stock Manager
  • Invoice Manager
  • Workshop Manager
  • Order Manager
  • Sales Data
  • Free Updates
*Each PC has its own fingerprint and a new PC requires a new license and can't be transferred
** Free Trial

Keep updated

Our software is evolving all the time and we want you to be up to date with all the new developments.

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